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Spring is in the air as they say, and while many participate in the ritual of cleaning the house it is also a great time to think of cleaning your skin. After going through the dry and harsh winter months, your skin is now ready for a more supple and hydrated spring. Skin reacts to many things, what you eat, how you sleep, and air temperatures, these all affect your skin. What are some of the things you can do now to pamper your skin and prepare it for the hot summer months that are just around the corner?


Your skin has just gone through colder winds outside and higher temperatures in your house. The lower humidity in winter months means that your skin gets dry, scratchy, and even sometimes flaky. It is never a good idea to use harsh mechanical exfoliators on your skin. The best solution is introducing daily facial cleansers to your skin care regime that will work to achieve the same results with a gentler approach.

One of our favorite and recommended products is the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser, which acts as a gentle daily exfoliant. The glycolic acid in this product provides deep cleansing by removing impurities and dead skin cells while leaving behind glowing, fresh skin. By gently removing that initial dead layer of skin that causes dullness and uneven skin texture and tone, you are left with a more youthful looking canvas to better absorb serums and moisturizers and further enhance your skin.

Jan Marini Skin Research also has products that have retinol within them to help further exfoliate the top layer of skin and introduce new healthy skin to the surface. The Marini Luminate Face Lotion is a great product to add to your daily skin care regime. When you pair good products that help take off that initial layer of dead skin, you are left with soft, glowing, and clean skin that can better fight off the signs of aging and those pesky fine lines.


Dry winter skin needs to be moisturized. Sometimes we even need to do intense moisturizing to give our skin the healthy glow we desire. For the best results to combat the intensity of the dry winter months, moisturize your skin in the evening and in the morning. Moisturizer should always be applied to clean dry skin. Work with your dermatologist, aesthetician, or skin-care consultant to find the best moisturizers for your skin type.

Clean Your Application Tools

Now is a great time to clean your make-up brushes and sponges. Just like your skin these tools get clogged with oil and bacteria. Keep your skin glowing by using clean tools. Depending on how often you use your application tools, it is a good practice to clean them at least twice a month. However, many of us neglect these overworked tools. A good practice is to make sure they at least get cleaned in the spring. Clean makeup application tools lead to cleaner, more radiant skin.

Purchase New SPF for Your Face

Because our faces aren’t exposed to the sun as much in the winter months as in the summer, many people do not utilize an SPF for their face year-round. This means that your SPF facial sunscreen has been sitting idle. While sunscreen is generally good for about three years, according to the Food and Drug Administration, spring is a great time to check expiration dates. Make sure you have a good sunscreen ready to go for all the outdoor spring and summer activities that expose your skin to the harsh rays of the sun. Many people are unaware of how damaging the sun can be, especially to our most delicate skin like the face and neck. This is one extra step to protect yourself from the premature aging effects that UV rays have on our skin.

For questions about prepping your skin for summer, talk with your Lineout™ specialist today to see which of our carefully curated Jan Marini products are right for helping you create a look you’ll love. And, be sure to ask about our current spring specials.


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