What do neurotoxins do to your body?

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Are you always bothered with lines and wrinkles around your face? It is only natural as they come with age and during this period. Regardless of how much you work out or how healthily you eat, your face will eventually start to exhibit signs of aging. You may be considering getting a cosmetic treatment to address these issues.

You might ask, “If neurotoxins are toxins, why are they used? Aren’t they harmful?” Neurotoxins are simple, non-invasive procedures that can temporarily reduce the extent of frown lines between the brows.

Neurotoxins are compounds that interfere with nerve cells’ ability to operate normally. Cosmetic neurotoxins are injectable mixtures manufactured from botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin. This botulinum toxin smoothes wrinkles produced by frowning, squinting, and other facial emotions by preventing nerve signals from reaching the facial muscles and forcing them to relax.

Read along to discover what neurotoxins do to your body.

What are neurotoxins in cosmetics?

Neurotoxins are isolated proteins produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The most popular name for them is Botox. Since the early 1990s, they have been used for wrinkle treatment without significant adverse effects.

Your facial muscles usually wrinkle when you smile, frown, or laugh. It may make you appear older or more exhausted than you are. The advantage of neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport injections is that they work to relax specific facial muscles and reduce their capacity to contract.

Neurotoxin is used to treat areas including:

  • crow’s feet
  • frown lines
  • laugh lines
  • wrinkles on the forehead

What are the types of neurotoxins?

In cosmetic terms, neurotoxins can help your wrinkles and smooth the fine lines that have developed on your face. Currently, the cosmetic world offers four main neurotoxic products: Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin.

Botox: By far the most well-known brand in the neurotoxic industry, Botox has established itself as a leader. It is now permitted to treat forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet by the FDA. Since it is the oldest neurotoxic on the market, this medicine stands out since several types of research are available to support its usage and effectiveness.

Dysport: It originates in Galderma. This product stands out since it covers a larger surface area. The forehead and other large body areas benefit the most from its effectiveness. Some people have stated that they saw a result 24 hours after the injection.

Jeuveau: The newest neurotoxic available is called Jeuveau. Despite being relatively new, Jeuveau’s effectiveness was on par with Botox’s. Jeuveau distinguishes itself from rival neurotoxins with an average onset of 2–3 days.

Xeomin: The FDA has authorized the use of Xeomin® to treat frown lines. Both men and women can benefit from smoother, wrinkle-free skin for several months by injecting a certain quantity of Xeomin in these areas.

How are neurotoxins administered?

The parts of the face with wrinkles on the front are directly targeted with a minimal dose of toxin. Results from this short procedure often last between three and six months. The neurotoxin temporarily deactivates the muscles that cause wrinkles, which causes them to vanish or significantly lessen. After the injection, it often takes days or weeks to see the smoothing impact on wrinkles.

For best results, it is recommended that you come back for another injection. The effects of neurotoxic injections last longer, perhaps for up to several months, following many treatments.

Neurotoxins’ Beneficial Effects on Facial Rejuvenation

Neurotoxins may be advantageous in their purified form. To stop those wrinkles and lines from appearing when you frown, grin, or grimace, Botox and Xeomin – some of the refined forms of a neurotoxin, temporarily and safely freeze tiny regions of the nervous system.

The following are some reasons in favor of choosing these:

  • They are FDA approved, so they are relatively safe to use
  • You can combine it with other injectable cosmetics.
  • It has long-term effects
  • Suitable for all skin types and pigmentations
  • No downtime needed

How do neurotoxins work?

Botulinum toxin injections reduce facial motions that result in fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily inhibiting the nerve cells that stimulate specific muscles to contract. You can still produce facial emotions as these muscles weaken, but they are not as dramatic as previously. Within one minute of administration, the toxin molecule inhibits the nerve-muscle connection. Its effects can be felt as early as seven days after the injection. The real impact is felt between 10 and 14 days later.

Additionally, the product will gradually start to be broken down by your body as it is naturally metabolized. Any creases and wrinkles that were previously there will begin to emerge as the communication to the muscle returns. It is why everyone who has been administered the toxin is recommended to return for another session when this starts to happen.

Are there any side effects?

When administered by a trained professional, neurotoxin injections are efficient and safe. Side effects are uncommon and typically minor.

Side effects only include:

  • Bruising on the injection site
  • Redness
  • Minor swelling
  • Numbness
  • Headaches that eventually go away after some time

What to expect after getting a neurotoxin?

The procedure requires little recovery time from the patient so that you may resume your normal activities as soon as you leave the clinic.

Results may be seen in as little as two weeks, with benefits remaining for as long as four months. Your dermatologist will schedule your follow-up session based on the findings and cosmetic objectives, as results vary from patient to patient.

Patients should be aware that treatments are temporary, and that the typical duration of benefits is three to four months. Regularly treated patients may see longer-lasting effects.

Where can I find further details?

Getting treated with a neurotoxin has many benefits. Although there are no severe side effects when utilizing the dosage the dermatologist recommends, a patient may have minor symptoms.

A medical expert should take excellent care of your skin. LineOut Aesthetics can help you start with your wrinkle-free journey. Contact us to achieve your aesthetic goals!


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